How to do an open appendectomy

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Well, hopefully not as bloody or as dramatic as all that. Appendectomy, the surgical removal of the appendix was first performed in the 1880's. The incision has changes some, from the long "McBurney incision" to the much smaller and more cosmetic "Rockey-Davis incision", but the inside part, the removal of the appendix, still involves obtaining exposure, ligating the appendix and securing the blood vessels. In an older era a suture used to be used, called a "purse string" that would bury the stump of the appendix in the base of the cecum. This step was not found to be necessary after only about 100 years, and has, for the most part been abandoned.

Open appendectomy is still frequently performed, but it is difficult to make a movie of, much more difficult than hitting the record button on the laparoscopic camera. Surgeons are also not making their careers out of demonstrating 130 year old surgical techniques. I confess here to not having video of an open appendectomy of my own, and the best that I could do for you is this, like Dr. Roganov, from the former Soviet Union.